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Its been a while... 
30th-Dec-2005 05:46 pm
Whats going on my fellow LJers? Its been what, maybe 2 months since I've updated this mofo? I haven't really been on the "blogging" tip lately. Kind of been keeping to myself. My friends and associates think I have fallen off the face off the earth I don't answer my phone much anymore and I don't return calls either unless its family or money. I guess you can say I'm in a state of mild depression. -sigh-

They can always catch me on the i-net though looking at porn(that's what the internet is foooooooor! LMAO) & surfing forums.

I still haven't found me a solid job yet so I've been picking up gigs here & there and although the bills are getting paid, I need something steady, something with some benefits, I'm not used to this. Hustling has always been a side thing for me but for the past 3 months its been my bottom bitch (main source of income for the slow). When I'm done here you best believe I'm gonna be thumbing through the Classifides as usual.

Tragedy struck close to home last week. A young lady by the name of Adrianne Hickson, a law student @ Howard University was in town visiting Shawn Washington, her boyfriend of 4 years, when they got into an argument and she stabbed him in the neck and somewhere in the torso area. His bestfriend & my sister drove him to the hospital where 3 days later he was pronounced brain dead and on the 4th day he died from his wounds. That shit is crazy. I just don't understand why she had to stab him. She's a smart girl she should've known the consequences. Shawn was a cool dude to. Its weird to see someone playing Xbox360 and teasing ya nephews one day and 2 days later they are barely clinging on to life and 2 days after that, they're gone. To make it even worse he died on Christmas day. His family and friends will never see Christmas day the same anymore. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. As far as Adrianne goes, she's sitting in the Gwinnett County Detention Center under suicide watch charged with aggravated assault and murder charges are still pending. He was only 24... R.I.P. dawg. I didn't know you well but you were cool in my book, always helping my sister out when Mike was out of town, even when he was in town you were still there. You will be missed by many... R.I.P.

I'm also still dealing with this craziness with my mother. As you all know she was wrongfully accused of stealing a large amount of money from herself(I know it sounds crazy) and she is still sitting in jail awaiting sentencing, which they pushed back until January 20th. We are doing everything in our powers to make sure that she doesn't do more time than she's already done. We have gotten political on that ass. We've called in the governor and friends from Illinois that have pull in other states as well, to get this bullshit over turned. We shall overcome... Pray for us...

So how was everyone's Christmas? Despite what I just talked about, it was ok for me, even though I wasn't expecting anything. I got a few dollas, some gift cards, CDs, this strange lookin mouse pad for my comp, & some smell good. I think I made out well considering I'm ballin on a budget right now and didn't get anybody anything. They were quite understanding about it to. At least they pretended to be.
Well I think thats my update for now. I'm about to go grab me a glass of egg nog and drown it in rum

I'll get up wit cha later.... Peace.

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P.S. I need a woman in my life... I'm tired of being single.

& I've also noticed a few people have me saved on their friends list, that I don't have saved on mine... I'm adding you as I speak.
31st-Dec-2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
Hiya sweetie *waves*

1. That is me all the way, I haven't been picking up my phone, and seeing my friends anymore. I've been completely sticking to myself. I had a friend call me and leave a voicemail saying he was in the hospital so that I would call him back and I still didn't cause I knew he was lying.. And of course he was. But yeah i've been seriously staying to myself. And lol @ you being online to watch porn LOL.

2. Atleast you have some type of money coming in. I literally have nothing and i'm not use to that, my bills were paid last month, but I don't know about January, but i'll get thru with this some way some how. And I'll pray that you find a steady job WITH benefits.

3. R.I.P to Shawn Washington that is such a horrible thing for her to do, and WHY stab him, smh this is why you have to start doing background/mental checks on people you date because any type of argument you have to wonder whether or not this person will kill you. I'm so sorry to hear that, and my heart goes out to his family. Christmas day will truly never be the same for them and that's sad.

4. As for your mother. I will have her in my prayers until it's all said and done, I know it must be hard for you to deal with. I don't know how i'd cope if that was my mother. But I hope and pray for nothing but the best for that situation.

5. My Christmas was another day for me. My parents don't celebrate Christmas anymore (religious reasons) So this was our first Christmas that we didn't celebrate, and for me it sucked.. Not because we didn't celebrate it, because I can completely understand the reason why, but because this is the first year since we've lived here that I wasn't with my extended family and I missed them like crazy. Last year I was in the Islands having a warm/sunny christmas with tons of family, and this year I was home all day sleeping lol, so that sucked! But i'm glad you got SOMETHING, it's better than NOTHING.

6. Nice picture.. AS USUAL, and you'll find a woman, but let that be the least of your concern, once you get on your feet with working and the situation with your mother then I think you'll find a woman.

p.s. damnnnn this was a long ass comment ROFL.

5th-Jul-2007 07:29 pm (UTC)

I am so sorry your friend was killed. I just meet Ms. Hickson (The mom) today as she was on her way to visit her daughter. she opened up about the real story and what really happened. They are from my home town where her dad is a dentist. I just can not beleive it.

28th-Jul-2007 07:25 pm (UTC) - Shawn (What eventually happened with the case?)
Do you know what happened in that case? I can't seem to find any information about it. Did it go to trial already? What was the outcome?
13th-Aug-2007 03:27 am (UTC) - Re: Shawn (What eventually happened with the case?)
she got charged with voluntary manslaughter, went to trial back in June, took an Alfred Plea, and has to do 3 years... she is still sitting in the Gwinnett County Jail right now waiting to be sent down the road...it sucks
10th-Mar-2008 02:46 am (UTC) - Snapped
I'm watching the story on the Oxygen network show Snapped. That is really a shame. I don't understand why she stabbed him either. They were both great looking and intelligent. It's such a shame and such a tragedy.
20th-Feb-2009 11:54 pm (UTC) - Adrianne hickson
First off my sympathy goes out to shawns' family. I would like to know if any one knows where she is. The address or something I want to know what was going through her mind at that time. If anyone knows anything please let me know.
19th-Jun-2009 10:40 pm (UTC) - Re: Adrianne hickson
Adrienne Hickson is in Gwinnett County Jail which is located at 2900 University,Parkway,Lawrenceville,Georgia 30043
4th-Jan-2010 06:05 am (UTC) - Poor guy,silly little girl!
I'm watching snapped now on the crime network,i still can't believe this girl got 5 yrs!its a joke really it is,if he was beating her(which i believe was a lie on her part to protect herself) why did she stay with him!NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING justifies her killing him,she had a choice to get out if he was really beating her,its not like they lived together,she was travelling to see him,if hes beating you why travel how many miles to get beaten!poor guy,stupid little cow,this story has really made me angry!she was from a better background than him,i bet thats why she got a slap on the wrist.this is why I'm a law student,she has no right to even be considering practicing law,in england a conviction like that will ensure you never even dream of law as your future.I take comfort in the fact that one day i will be putting scum like her behind bars,hopefully for life!
14th-Oct-2010 10:18 pm (UTC) - Stay in your lane!
Condolences for your lost. I just saw the episode of snapped today, October 14, 2010. I would love to know how Adriene is doing and what she's up to since her release. Regardless of what we think happened and what we'd like to believe we'd do in that situation. only those two know and only the Lord God can judge and until either of us are in those shoes.....we don't know what we'd do! Just thank God it wasn't you!
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